Full Moon Engagement

Okay… this was absolutely insane. Katie and Tanner have been together since they were 16, and now they’re getting married in July. They are so sweet together, and I was so excited when they agreed to go to Montana De Oro State Park to run around the dunes and dance down the road with me. This is one of my favorite spots, because when you’re going down this secluded road you can see Morro Rock in the background. We almost got blown away down on the sand spit, which is a popular surfing spot surrounded by sandy hills. Just as we were about to wrap up our *freezing cold!!* shoot, we looked up and saw the BIGGEST most BEAUTIFUL full moon up in the pink painted sky. I have never witnessed something so magical and we definitely took advantage of it. I have always seen the sky, moon, stars, clouds, etc. as romantic aspects of nature, and I’ve never felt more speechless looking at photos before. Can’t wait to see the cute little life you guys build together! 😭💛 Also… Katie is a photographer as well!! Follow her on Instagram @ktmariephotos for all your warm-fuzzy-couple-goals!