Los Osos Fairytale Elopement!!

A few weeks ago, I did something awesome. I have been dreaming of photographing beautiful elopements in the mountains and in the woods, so I just created my own adventure elopement! My beautiful friend Brooke and her friend Seiji modeled for me. We found a beautiful dress for Brooke to wear that mimicked all of my dreamy-elopement-forest-lacey DREAMS! Thank you to Change of A Dress in downtown SLO for finding this gem for us. I threw together a bouquet (which I’m still in love with, I even dried it and have it displayed in my house) and we went to a location I had never been to before. There were mosquitos and poison oak everywhere, but Brooke and Seiji were troopers and it ended up looking like a total fairytale. We drove a few minutes to the beach for sunset, and finished off the shoot playing in the (freezing cold) sand. I am so happy with this and can’t wait to do another one soon!

Models: @brookepanian @seijivanb

Dress: SLO Change of a Dress

Florals: Trader joes 😉